Sweetpea’s provides a great opportunity for you to sell or trade the clothes, toys and gear that your children have outgrown.  Our reputation is based on the quality of items that we sell in our store.  Therefore, we are selective in what we take on consignment and trade and base this on what we know will sell the best.  Please understand if we cannot accept some of your items.  

APPOINTMENTS & WALK-IN'S:  We accept appointments and walk-in's 7 days a week during regular business hours.   There are times throughout the year where we are full to capacity and are unable to accepting items. If this is the case we will have it posted on our facebook page, on our voicemail and with a sign in front of the store.

The items you may bring in per walk-in or appointment are listed below:

  • 1 brown paper grocery bag or less – no appointment needed, just walk in!
  • over 1 grocery bag up to 50 items please call for an appointment.
  • 50+ items – no problem, just call and make multiple appointments.

CONSIGNMENT:  After your items have sold, 40% of the selling price of the item will be posted to your account.  Item's priced over $50 you will receive 50% of the selling price. Consignors may be paid in cash/check or use the credit for in store purchases. If needed we can mail checks on a per request basis.  Any checks being mailed within the greater Portland metro area will have a $1.50 mail processing fee. Because we have over 2000 active consignors we do not notify consignors in regards to balances.  You may call or email anytime to check on your account.  Any account that has no activity for a 18 month period will be voided.

CONSIGNMENT PERIOD:  The consignment period is 90 days.  After 90 days unsold items will be donated to a local non-profit 100% give away charity.  If you’d like a donation receipt for your taxes please let us know. 

If you have an unsold item that we priced for $20 or more we will call or email you after the consignment period.  You will have 1 week to come by and retrieve your item.  If it is not picked up 1 week from us contacting you it will be donated. 

TRADE:  You will receive 30% of the assessed value of your items for instant store credit.  Store credit can be used for up to 18 months.

CONSIGNMENT ONLY ITEMS (NO TRADE):  Women’s, infant clothing 0- 9 months, seasonal items & larger items.

CONDITION:   In consignment & resale condition is everything.  Please only bring in what you, yourself would buy.  ALL ITEMS should be in excellent condition, recently washed, free of stains, holes, fraying, tears, visible pet hair or other imperfections.  If we accept an item and later find that we missed an imperfection, Sweetpea's will donate the item.

PRICING:  All pricing will be done by Sweetpea’s.

BABY EQUIPMENT:  Baby equipment needs to be in excellent condition, make sure the item is clean and ready to sell.  They better the item looks, the more money you'll make.  Any item requiring batteries MUST have batteries to demonstrate that it works.   Baby gear will be checked against the CPSC to insure that it hasn’t been recalled.  Sweetpea's cannot sell recalled items.  Please provide instruction manuals whenever possible. 

We cannot resell car seats & cribs.  Please call or email if you have larger items, as space is limited.  You may also email pictures prior to bringing in baby equipment so we can review and let you know if we are able to accept the item;  info@sweetpearesale.com

TOYS:  We accept toys, games and puzzles.  Please make sure items have all of their pieces and if a toy requires batteries they MUST have batteries to demonstrate that the toy works.  Wooden toys sell the fastest, but are not the only ones we accept. 

BOOKS:  We accept board books, hard back books and elementary school chapter books.  Books need to be in good condition with no ripped pages or excessive wear on the bidding.

ALL SALES FINAL:  Please shop carefully; you have 48 hours to return your merchandise for in store credit.  If it is after 48 hours then you are always welcome to reconsign the item or trade it in for store credit.  We know that sometimes it's hard to know what will fit your little ones.  Because of this, we are happy to hold any items until closing the following day so you can bring your darling in to try them on.

GIFT CERTIFICATES:  We have gift certificates available at both stores for purchase in any $ amount.  You may also purchase a gift certificate over the phone with a credit card.

WISH LIST:  Sweetpea's has a Wishlist!  Tell us your resale wishes, we will add you to the list and email /text you when we get it in the store.  

*Sweetpea’s will make every attempt to protect your items however we assume no responsibility for any loss due to fire, theft, or damage

SEASONAL SCHEDULE:  We accept items on a seasonal basis: 

SUMMER :  April - June
FALL:  July - September
WINTER:  October - January
SPRING:  February - March